Dark Squirrel is a company dedicated to the production of audiovisual material, offering advertising and marketing services to companies in the outdoor sector. With a consolidated path with companies in this sector and with a portfolio of satisfied and consolidated clients, our intention is to reach everything our customers require.

Innovation in audiovisual contents

Experts in OUTDOOR world

Dark Squirrel Productions has a clear vocation: to innovate in audiovisual contents related to the outdoor world. Tired of seeing the same video formats, we believe that the area in which we work needs much more than what we have seen so far. We are capable of satisfying the demands of a viewer who is increasingly demanding and aware of the possibility of capturing the spectacularity and intensity of scenes recorded in wild environments.

Dark Squirrel has made this need one of it’s main objectives: to produce content of the highest quality in natural environments with media and equipment at it’s level. Our work carried out so far for leading companies in the sector endorse us.

Those companies seeking safety, experience and a carefully done work, will find that Dark Squirrel is their best ally.

We work on innovation, but above all, on things well done.

Client satisfaction is always our priority. We are convinced that if we work side by side with him, listen to him and attend his needs, we can offer the best service.

One of our main priorities is flexibility. Clients have total freedom of asking for what they want, and we will adapt to what he needs.

For that reason, we believe that not everything needs to be as cold as a form, and we’d love to listen to and attend our customers in person. “By talking we come to understand people”.