Photo Shoots


Do you want to get the best out of a product or a brand?

The best way to do it is with a photo shoot that shows the details to be highlighted in a realistic context directed by a team of professionals in the sector such as we are in Dark Squirrel. 

Tell us what you want to achieve with the photo, and we will adapt ourselves to your needs. 

Everything in a simple, fast and agile way. You send us the product you want us to make the photographs of and within the agreed period of time we will take care of everything:  the search of locations, photographic material, scenarios … 


 What we offer:

  • Full photo shoots both indoor and outdoor 
  • Photographs of the product 
  • Photographs of the contextualized product 
  • Photographs for specialized magazines 
  • Photographs for catalogs 
  • Photographs for stands and exhibitions 

We have done photo shoots for both national and international brands and for influential people in the outdoor sector in Spain in order to promote and publicize different types of products. 

 We will make sure you love our pictures.