Do you want to advertise something so it reaches as many people as possible in the shortest time?


We have got it! What you are really looking for is to make an advertisement spot to promote your brand or product. The advertisement spots can be used for social networks, YouTube channels and even for specialized television channels where your video will be played thousands of times by potential customers.

One of the identity signs of Dark Squirrel Productions is the new approach we give to our productions, leaving aside classic adverts and turning advertisement spots into something much more attractive and with a more current look; something similar to what the public is used to watching in other sectors, such as sports or automotive.


What we offer:

  • Advertisement Spots for Social Networks/TV/Corporate use
  • To design, plan, and develop your advertisement spot
  • Full recording, edition and delivery of the final product
  • Personal advice to improve the impact of the video

An advert can be something that, well done, can attract thousands and thousands of people to a specific product. We promise to make it special.

We have done audiovisual works for some of the most prestigious brands and manufacturers in the outdoor sector. For example, our videos have been used in specialized fairs such as the IWA Outdoors Classics in Nuremberg (Germany).