Bergara Limited Edition rifles: Driven and Reserva Media Campaign

We have made the media for the first two limited edition rifles of the national brand of Bergara. The first to see the light was the Driven, a rifle intended for the “Driven” hunt. With an orange camo finish, an AICS magazine and .300 Win Mag caliber, it’s perfect fot that kind of hunting. We can see it here.

The campaign consists of product photos and videos for its social networks, website and catalogue. In this way the rifle has visibility and media impact, exposing the main characteristics of the rifle in the video. We can watch it on YouTube by clicking here. This is an edition of only 150 units, with an engraving of a very curious wild boar.

The second edition it’s the outstanding Reserva. This edition of only 50 units is oriented to African hunting, with wine-colored wood (hence the name Reserva) and in .375 H&H caliber. With a very professional finish that inspires sobriety and luxury, it has a special marking of a buffalo, one of the protagonists of hunting in Africa, along with the number of the limited unit. We can see all the data and photos on the Bergara website.

The Reserva edition also has a video with all its features, where slow motion and light play a crucial role. It hasn’t been released yet, but it follows a similar model to its brother, the Driven. For the photo session and the videos we have used black velvet cloth, so that they absorb as much light as possible. It has been a pleasure to continue working with our colleagues from Bergara. See you!

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