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Dark Squirrel Productions – REEL 2022

We have summarized in this short video the most notable works of this past 2022 at Dark Squirrel Productions. At the beginning of the season, it stands out to have made the creatives for the launch of the limited edition of the Bergara Reserva rifle, of which we took the launch photos and videos. The use of slow motion for the close shots of the rifle was ideal, as well as the use of a matte black background, to provide the sobriety of the rifle, since it is intended for hunting dangerous animals or African hunting.

Continuing with Bergara Rifles, we were able to make a video presentation of his acclaimed B14² Crest rifle, which has a carbon stock and an ideal lightness for high mountain hunting. In this video we had our friend Rafa Carrillo, an experienced hunter and shooter from Bergara, and we carry out a shooting test. The stabilizer was key to making this video in the mountains. Another more exhaustive product test was carried out with and BCN Outdoor, of the Vortex Razor HD LHT scope. We carried out the test at 100 and 200 meters at the Txoriarte shooting range in Santa Cruz del Fierro, with some very interesting results.

Of the last works carried out, we were able to work for SINT, an Italian company that has just installed its first portable meat treatment container in Spain. We were recording the transfer and installation of it in Agurain, for the treatment of Km0 birds. We also made an infographic animation explaining the trajectory of the company, explaining where it came from and what its purposes are.

Without leaving the hunting aside, we went to cover an event at the Basque Culinary Center, in San Sebastián, in which ASIC Caza gave a presentation on cooking game meat and its benefits in our diet. A great event!

We must not forget also work with aerial drones, the management and promotion of social networks and the creation of all their content: animations for stories, publications and all kinds of creativity.

And here is the video:

Dark Squirrel Productions 2022 – Reel

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