Bergara B14 Wilderness

Bergara B14 Wilderness – Extreme test

Hi everyone! We have spent a whole year testing the new rifle from the national brand Bergara, the B14 Wilderness Terrain. Going through water, dust, snow, heat and cold … This rifle still shoots. Bergara’s concept has been to create a rifle resistant to the elements and to any real hunting situation. Get ready!

Bergara B14 Wilderness covered in snow and ice

To check it out, we have taken the iron to a PRS competition (the Monkey Desert, in the Monegros desert), with temperatures of more than 40 degrees. We have also soaked it and left it out in the cold on a snowy day here in the north.

The use of weather resistant cameras is noteworthy, as a SLR camera would have been very difficult to leave outdoors on a turbulent day. So, although I would have preferred to use our GH5, or the Black Magic, we had to use the classic GoPros.

A roe deer, a huge wild boar, tests in the shooting gallery at 100 and 200 meters, a PRS championship more than 1Km away … Without a doubt it is an all-terrain rifle. It has been very interesting to put this rifle through so many tests and see how it performed.

The video has been published on the networks of our friends and colleagues from Jara and Sedal As always, a pleasure to have worked for them and with Iker Ortiz, from the armory Lejarazu Sport .com

Without further ado, here is the video. That you enjoy it

(The video has had more impact on the Facebook, with more than half a million views, click here)

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