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Hello friends,

We are doing a series of video-reviews of the Olight lanterns for our friends from Lejarazu Sport. Powerful torches, front for running, with magnetic cover, long range (1km), hunting, pocket, police, tactics, special editions … Every need requires a type of flashlight.

In these first videos we have seen the M3X Javelot (one of the handheld flashlights with greater range) and the new Marauder X9R, the most powerful hand torch on the market (according to our companions of Oligh).


To check the quality of Olight’s products, we put certain tests on their lanterns: we immerse them in water, compare lighting between them, do field tests … We will publish little by little all the videos on the YouTube channel of Lejarazu Sport, in the “In Depth” section.

Luminous greetings!

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