Showreel 2019 DS

Dark Squirrel Productions – Showreel 2019

We have summarized in this short video the most outstanding works in Dark Squirrel throughout this 2019. Videos, photo shoots, spots, reviews, community management, event coverage and much more.

One of the best videos in 2019 was the roe deer hunting that was recorded in Pancorbo with the experienced Bergara shooter Rafa Carrillo,

In that video 3 cameras were arranged:

1-Panasonic GH5: for most planes and to get those planes so inspiring in slow motion.

2-Nikon P900: to be able to record Rafa’s longest shots, more than 600 meters away. Without the help of this camera it would be difficult to show so naturally the way of long-distance hunting.

3-Drone MavicPro Platinum: this little bird helped us put the rifle, the hunter and the prey on the scene. The lack of vegetation in the recording area (and the absence of rain) helped make a safe flight.

The next video in which this set of 3 cameras was used was at the PRS competition held at the Tardienta airfield, in the Monegros desert.

I would also like to point out the large amount of social media content that we have generated this year for some of the leading brands, influencers and distributors nationwide of hunting and shooting: Jara and Sedal, Hornady, Bergara, RCBS, H&N, Sierra …

2020 is inspiring. Thanks, in part, to the acquisition of the new Blackmagic cinema pocket 4K body. Hopefully we can record many videos with this new camera.

Best regards to all!

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