A world record!

Hello everyone!


On Saturday, July 21, the Galician Center of Vitoria broke the world record for the greatest number of people dancing muiñeira. Nothing more and nothing less than 600!

Attendees had to register, before a notary and presenting their identification, before being able to access the venue where they would dance. Already with the number on the shirt, the sheet and the bracelet, the attendees were ready to start …


We were there to immortalize the moment with a video that sums up the day well.


Récord Mundial Global Muiñeira

Publicada por Centro Gallego Vitoria en Jueves, 26 de julio de 2018

After surpassing the expectations and achieving the record, mussels and queimada were distributed to all attendees.

Thanks to the Galician Center of Vitoria for organizing this event!

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