How it’s made: H&N factory in Germany

We have visited the H&N pellets and bullet tips factory in Hann Münden, Germany. We arrived there to make a video focused on the production of the three types of tips they manufacture: the copper plated (HS, High Speed), the lubricated lead and the plasticized ones.

Jörg Siemens, head of Sales and Marketing, guides us through the entire process. From melting the lead to the final packaging. An important mention: the high quality control measures that pass all the bullet tips. That’s the main characteristic of the H&N brand.

To move easily around the factory and to capture all the details quickly we have used the stabilizer zhiyun crane 2 in our Panasonic GH5 camera. To get the best audio from Jörg’s explanations we have chosen a lavalier mic conected to a Zoom H6 recorder. In the recorder we have used a filter to try to eliminate the noise of the machines that surrounded us in order to capture Jörg’s voice only.

In addition, for the Spanish version we have used a narrator in our language, as is usually done. It has been a pleasure to document this interesting and meticulous process!

Here the video:

The result: a direct, easy-to-watch video

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