Rafa Carrillo

New series of cartridges – Bergara Rifles

At Dark Squirrel Productions we have been in charge of making a series of 12 review videos of the most used cartridges in the national territory. From the 6mm Creedmoor to the 375 H&H Magnum. A series of short videos where we have analyzed the characteristics and uses of such cartridges. To explain it we have had the help of our friend Rafa Carrillo.

For this series, motion graphics have been essential, which have helped us to easily represent the characteristics of each cartridge in screen.

The series of videos will be published by the prestigious magazine Jara y Sedal, the most widely read by hunters ans shooters across the country. I left down here the video of the .30-06, the most used for hunting in Spain.

Rafa Carrillo, from Bergara Rifles

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