PRS Monkey Desert

PRS Championship: Monkey Desert

On July 12, we attended the second edition of the championship of PRS held in the Monegros desert: the Monkey Desert. One of the most notable novelties of this year has been the great effort by the organization to carry out Stages (firing points). It is worth noting “the ship”, which consists of a board suspended half a meter above the ground by chains. And “the barricade”, which consists of a type of wall with several heights where the shooter has to change positions several times during the shooting exercise.

We have taken the opportunity to fly the drone freely in this area, since it does not have trees or vegetation and is also within the free flight airspace. We have complemented the video with first person shots using GoPros and some other time-lapse of the shooting stages.

Unlike the video of the first edition, which was about the Bergara team, it focuses on explaining the PRS modality. Especially hunters who are curious in this type of competition. Thanks to the Bergara team this event has been possible!

We leave you with the video. Our colleagues from Jara and Sedal publish it on their YouTube channel. 😉

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